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How I deliver Therapy

I am an integrative counsellor which basically means I can support clients with a wide range of issues and that means I can tailor counselling around your individual needs. I offer remote online and telephone counselling and I can see you on a short term or long-term basis.

What people have to say about me

"Thank you so much for you precious help." 

"I enjoy her sessions." 

"Vinika gave me a safe, relaxed space to talk when I was experiencing a very stressful time in my life. She is empathic and understanding, and sessions with her really helped to express and tackle my anxious thoughts."

"Thank you for all your invaluable help this year Vinika."

How can I help you?

Whatever it is you are struggling with, my aim is to work towards building a genuine and warm relationship with you. Sometimes we can find ourselves feeling lost, wondering who we are and where we are going, often repeating patterns and feeling stuck. Living with your own unique problems can feel like a really lonely place at times, even though you are surrounded by friends and family. When we explore your issues together you will gain an increased self-awareness, more clarity and understanding, which can help bring about positive change in your life.  I understand that counselling might not always be an easy experience but rest assured that when you talk to a counsellor who has been professionally trained to listen in an impartial, supportive and non-judgmental way, it can be immensely rewarding and beneficial.

My Charges:

Individual Therapy:     £60 per 50 minute session

Couples Counselling:  £80 per 50 minute session 

Payment to be made in full, prior to each session.   

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